Setting Up the Perfect Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are great places to make contacts with experts in your industry, meet new customers, and keep in contact with your current customers. A well-built booth at one of these shows can bring in dozens of new clients, while a poorly laid out one may result in people walking right past you to other companies. If you’ve never done a trade show before or if you feel like your booth could use a little work, here are some tips for putting together the perfect trade show booth.

Perfect Trade Show Booth

Don’t Block the Front of the Booth

When you set up your booth, you may be tempted to put a display or something up at the front. After all, you want people to stop and look at your products or read about your company, right? That’s actually one of the worst things you can do because it blocks the rest of your space.

In most cases, you’ll have a square of space to work with and you want to make use of the entire space. If you have your products or information at the back and on either side, people will actually walk into your space. If you have it all up front, some people will stop to look but others will walk on by because your information will be blocked by the people standing in front of it. You’ll only really be making use of one side of your space instead of using it all.

Make Sure Your Name Is Prominent

You want everyone who stops by or even walks by your booth to know your company’s name and what you do. One easy way of doing that is to purchase a roller banner or two. These large displays can be set at the corner of your booth in the front so they can easily be seen but aren’t blocking the entrance. You may also want to put a large banner across the back of your booth. If you’re allowed to raise these banners up, definitely do so. This can help draw people to your booth.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Booth

You certainly want to use as much of your available space as you can, but be careful not to crowd so much into your booth that you can only accommodate a few people at a time. Also make sure that you don’t have so much information or product that attendees get overwhelmed. Sometimes it can be very hard to determine what you should display and what you shouldn’t. Just remember that blank space isn’t always bad, especially if you use it to effectively make your information or product stand out.

Be Personable

Finally, you have to remember that your booth can’t do everything. You have to be personable and interact with everyone who comes into your booth. You may have an introduction to your company that you’ve prepared or you may simply say hello and ask if the person has any questions. Either way, be ready to spend a good part of each day of the trade show talking to people.


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