3 Tips for Making a Successful Commercial

Television commercials are a powerful medium for expanding brand awareness and drawing in customers. But, like any form of advertising, you cannot just put any old thing together and hope it will attract people. You need to make an impact; you need visual appeal; you need to create a piece that appeals to your target market. A lot goes into making a successful commercial, and here are just few tips to get you started.

Script Tips Commercials are short, you have limited time to make an impression and send the message you are hoping to send. A nice, tight script is a crucial part of a successful commercial. Short, punchy sentences will grab the viewer’s attention. Keep in mind that someone should be able to tell what you are selling just by the audio alone.

If someone is listening from the kitchen while she went to grab a snack, and your commercial was on, would she know what it was about? Focus on Brand Awareness and Being Unique The whole point of commercials and any other form of advertising is increasing awareness of your brand and expanding your customer base.

Successful Commercial

This is a particularly powerful medium in which to accomplish this goal, and your commercial should be unique and deliver a strong message. While other elements, like frequency and prime time slots are important, they will not matter if you can’t create a commercial that resonates with your market. Make sure the commercial includes imagery that is associated with your brand, whether it be a logo, colors or symbols. It is important to work with the production company in making sure there is proper focus on these devices.

Think of something unique to put in the commercial, something that will stick in the minds of viewers. There is always a set of expectations that come along with any purchase—how it will make the person feel or the results achieved. Make sure these elements are addressed in the commercial in a powerful way. No matter what you do, however, never forget the objective of the commercial or your target audience.

Involve Your Customers Do you want to know a great way to create an effective commercial that will entice people to buy your products or services? Get the input of people who already have. Involving your customers in the creation process can yield great results. Reach out to your target audience to get them involved in the development process. You will get some invaluable feedback and tap into a powerful source of new ideas. Put together an email list or an online poll.

When people come into your store, ask for their input. Find out what would make an impact on them if they saw a commercial on television about your business—what type of commercial would make them want to become a customer? Once you do make an actual commercial, solicit feedback from your customers to get an idea of what was working and what didn’t. What made an impact and what didn’t? What did they like and what would they change?


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