What is Telematics Technology in Insurance?

Representing a great way to improve insurance premiums for younger and inexperienced drivers, telematics technology involves fitting a recording device to your car, which monitors your driving habits and feeds them back to an insurance company. While best for drivers that tend to suffer as the result of generalizations over their age range and likelihood of accidents, telematics can provide a more accurate quote for any driver, and can be particularly useful if you want to prove that you’re safe on the road.

Young drivers, and particularly men aged between18 to 21, tend to pay the highest premiums for their insurance; this age range is viewed as high risk by insurers, both for crashes and for the likelihood of making a claim to pay for damages. Moreover, over 65’s can be singled out by insurance companies as being an accident risk. Telematics insurance offers a more tailored kind of policy for drivers, which can paint a more accurate picture of how you drive.

Telematics Technology in Insurance

The device, which is discreetly installed within your car, collects information on the time of day or night that you drive, as well as on your average speed, and whether you aggressively accelerate at corners and in traffic. GPS tracking within a telematics device can also provide examples of the types of routes that you drive, and the hours you spend on the road every day, all of which can be uploaded on a regular basis to work out your premium.

Other benefits to using telematics technology include the ability to track a car using GPS, as well as the opportunity to refer to an accurate record of your driving in the event of an accident and subsequent claim. If you’re a good driver, or a driver that takes a regular route at low risk, you can demonstrate to insurers that you should receive lower premiums as a reward for being responsible.

Telematics insurance is becoming more popular all around the world, with drivers keen to improve their premiums and demonstrate their safety. The amount of people using telematics insurance is predicted to increase by 81 per cent over the next five years, with 107 million drivers potentially being on telematics policies by 2018. When considered alongside the use of in-car software like lane departure assists and cruise control, telematics could be a standard feature of many cars in the future.

Telematics can work well, then, if you’re a driver that wants a more accurate quote, and if you tend to use fairly stable routes. For example, if you’re driving in a large city, you can reduce high insurance premiums by demonstrating your safety; this can be particularly useful in densely populated cities around the world like London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with insurance providers such as Direct Asia offering tailored policies that make use of telematics technology.

What’s the Major Reason for getting Cell Phone Insurance?

It’s a known fact that cellular phones are rather essential and you can’t really do without it given the mode of life you’re into. In other words, a cellular phone is absolutely necessary. At the same point of time, it’s also a proven reality that cellular phones are rather delicate plus expensive devices, so much so that even if your cellular phone is dropped, there can be permanent harm done.

Thankfully the wireless carriers are known to offer optionally available cellular phone insurance plan policies which you can easily add to your service plan too. All it requires is a monthly fee which you’ve got to pay in exchange of this bit of benefit. Why do you need cell phone insurance? Having discussed the insurance fees, it’s also a fact that insurance plans can shield you from major problems as far as your finances are concerned.

There are, of course, a variety of issues that cellular phone insurance plan can protect you from. Here are the reasons why you should get yourself cell phone insurance.

1: In case of loss:

This happens to be one of the major reasons to get cell phone insurance. If you happen to lose your cellular phone or the cellular phone is stolen for that matter, you’re eligible to receive a replacement only if you’ve got insurance in place. Actually, almost all 3rd party insurance providers allow you to file a declaration online. You can it if you no longer have your cellular phone in your ownership. If not, then there’s always the choice of going to the wireless carriers provider’s retail store outlet to file the insurance claim. Not to forget of course there’s protect your cell phone insurance provider which you should like to know more about.

2: The warranty involved:

Usually purchasing a new cellular phone comes along with a manufacturer’s warranty. And, this could possibly last up to a year or so. This generally includes any problems that you might happen to encounter with your cellular phone. On the reverse side, cellular phone insurance plans not only include such problems, but also expand to other problems far beyond the so-called warranty period.

3.If you Throw Fluid:

It’s a known and proven reality that if you drop fluid on your cellular phone or manage to drop it in water, permanent harm can be triggered due to this. You’ll discover most cellular phone insurances actually give you the advantage when it comes to any fluid harm that comes upon it.

4: Other Harms Done:

There are actually so many other types of harm which your cellular phone might face if you’re not too cautious. Nevertheless, truth continues to be that more often than not you don’t really do it on purpose and valuable little device faces the worst of things.

Right from cracking of the screen to other factors, all you’ve got to do is file a claim. Now keep this in mind that when you’re processing a claim, you should always describe the intensity of the harm as well as the cause behind it. Or else in addition, there’s always the choice of taking your cellular phone to wireless carrier. The points above are of course some of the significant insurance coverage which are provided by cellular phone insurance plan.

To explore more about it, you can always check out Protect Your Bubble insurance plan details. You can always get benefit from these course, so be sure to get one for yourself. Otherwise you may end up repenting for it later. So to avoid the case go ahead and do it.