Winning the GAME of Business with LEAN SIX SIGMA

World is shifting at a greater paradigm than ever. Long gone are the days when an era of craftsmanship was perceived as a most updated profession of all times. Now, the cultural shift along the customer demand can make or break any company in no time. In such disruptive era, companies are gaining competitive edge by putting their customers in a deep scrutinized perspective and altering their systems to entertain the prospect in a best possible manner.

For last couple of years, supply chain along the operational integrity of industrial sectors is becoming digitized at a higher level than ever. M2M learning systems are being developed to take the manufacturing sector to all-new level. But as they say “Seeds propagate into a whole new tree”. Thus, to align the tree paradigm at a particular sphere, seeds integrity along the systematic system is very important. Translating into industrial notion, it can be stated as “To align the virtual analytical side of business, firstly incorporate the culture of data collection along the continual improvement seeds in a system”.


A major hype, in operation excellence, in current era is entitled as LEAN Six Sigma. I am not going to dive into the typical definitions of subjected notion but gonna illustrate it with the help of TURNING WHEEL of next Industrial revolution.

“A Company producing a best quality product in least cost, within minimum time will eventually become a market leader”

Yes, this is it. This is an utmost secret of achieving excellence in an industrial market by tapping the market with the maximum potential. I have consulted companies, who look forward to increase the production capacity to increase their profit bottom-line rather than creating culture of waste reduction from the current system, resulting in the funneling of same profit line. To achieve greatness, we must sacrifice the traditional approach of reluctance to change.

LEAN Six Sigma is not a rocket science but a generic concepts build by the quality gurus and have shaped TQM to an ultra-new level. Apart from bookish concepts and knowledge, it completely spreads over the daily process check to BOD’s balanced scorecard analysis. It is evident from the history that companies practicing theses notions have saved billions of dollars up to the date.

Indeed, it would not be unwise to say that, taking into an account current technological changes we must equip yourself with the tools & techniques, which have been successfully implemented by global giants. Customers demand integration with flexible sophisticated production system is surely going to give company an edge over a traditional or conventional approach of filling both outputs & input inventory without any proper scheduling.


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