3 Ways to Grow Your Business in a Local Market

Growing any new business is going to be a challenge, no matter where your customers are. Local businesses have the unique advantage of limiting their marketing strategy to target the unique attributes of their limited market.  However, even If you’re looking to sell your products and services on a national or international scale, you’re going to need to break out your unique markets individually.

In virtually any instance, it’s going to be worthwhile to look at growing your business in a local market, on a local scale. Take a look at these three basic strategies of how you can focus your marketing efforts, and grow your business locally – one market at a time.

Radio Advertising While people may think Radio is always behind television as an advertising medium, this is not the case anymore. Recent studies are proving that consumers prefer to consume video based media on-demand; online and in other places that limit the ad exposure during broadcast.

Conversely, radio remains a medium that’s consumed passively, without much resistance to frequent advertising interruption – particularly on workday commutes. In a local market, this presents a ripe opportunity to get your message across to your local “captive audience”. Try offering a unique discount coupon code that’s easy to remember like “PIZZASAVE20” for 20% off your first order. Because you know exactly who’s going to hear your advertising based on the broadcast range, Radio is an excellent medium for growing business in a local market.

Print Marketing If your business is brand new in town, and people don’t know you – nothing will legitimize it quite like print marketing materials. Print marketing makes your business seem real to customers, as they can literally touch and hold somethinglocal-business that tells them who you are.

Print also has staying power – magnetic fridge calendars can stay up all year long, helping remind people where to purchase your product. Distribution of print marketing in a local market has never been easier or more affordable; with things like the USPS’ Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program, you can hit every home and/or business in a zip code at a highly discounted rate over bulk mail costs. As your custom printed postcards, brochures, self-mailers and other marketing tools blanket your community, you’ll earn recognition and staying power that will pay off down the road.

Free Seminars Depending on the nature of your product, you likely possess some unique industry knowledge that will be of benefit to your local community. Consider renting out some space for free at a public venue like a town hall or library; and offering a free educational seminar there to benefit the community.

Whether you’re speaking about setting up wills and trusts during retirement, proper automotive maintenance, or investment tips – all of these things benefit the community while establishing you as the expert. Once you build trust and create a sense of urgency, people will come to your local business when it’s time to invest in a product or service.

 Note” it’s extremely important in these seminars not to be too salesy, or shamelessly promote your business. It’s okay to mention your business and where people can inquire about pricing for example – but never mention it while “onstage” – it can make you lose respect in the community.


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