5 Social Media Etiquette Tips for Small Businesses

When you have a small business, there are all kinds of things that you have to do to be successful. You have to make sure that you provide a quality product or service. You have to hire the kind of staff that gives impeccable customer service. And, you have to factor in the type of marketing that will prove to be truly useful.

This would include having an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and even Pinterest.

However, to make a good impression in the social media world, it’s a good idea that you know some of the etiquettes that will bring you those kinds of results. If you’re interested in knowing what our top five social media etiquette tips for small business are, we have enclosed five of them below:

5 Social Media Etiquette Tips for Small Businesses

Respond to comments

There are studies to support the fact that customers tend to support companies that they feel they have a personal connection with. You know, the ones that answer the phone when they call during business hours, reply to emails in a timely fashion and also respond to comments on their Facebook fan page and website blogs.

So make sure that if someone posts a question, comment or concern on one of your social media accounts that you address it. That always makes an excellent impression.

Avoid saying things that could be seen as being inappropriate. We all have read news stories of people who have found themselves in some hot water for posting comments or even pictures on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages that came across as being offensive.

Although can’t please everyone, it’s important to avoid saying what could be seen as inappropriate. So think twice before doing anything in social media.

Don’t do a lot of debating

Some people will come to your website or social media pages and say offensive things just to get a response out of you. But remember that what you post in response on the internet lasts forever. Therefore, it’s important not to do a lot of debating and that you don’t come across as being combative. If you feel like someone is trying to get you upset, silence is usually the best kind of approach to take.

Be helpful

If you were to hire someone who got one of the University of Florida’s digital marketing degrees, when it comes to social media etiquette, one of the things that they will probably mention is that it’s important to be as helpful as possible.

Even if there is a customer or prospective client who needs something that you cannot directly assist them with, if you can offer them a tip or suggestion that can help to point them in the right direction. That’s an excellent way to increase the chances that they will return to your social media accounts or website again. Or at the very least, they will refer someone else to you—just based on your willingness to assist them.

Don’t be too aggressive

Just like no one wants to walk into a store and feel like they are being pressured into making a purchase, no one wishes to go to a business’s social media page and see that all they are talking about are their products or services. So, try and keep everything in balance by thinking like a business owner as well as a customer.

That will help you to post the kind of content that individuals will find truly appealing in social media.


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