Winning the GAME of Business with LEAN SIX SIGMA

World is shifting at a greater paradigm than ever. Long gone are the days when an era of craftsmanship was perceived as a most updated profession of all times. Now, the cultural shift along the customer demand can make or break any company in no time. In such disruptive era, companies are gaining competitive edge by putting their customers in a deep scrutinized perspective and altering their systems to entertain the prospect in a best possible manner.

For last couple of years, supply chain along the operational integrity of industrial sectors is becoming digitized at a higher level than ever. M2M learning systems are being developed to take the manufacturing sector to all-new level. But as they say “Seeds propagate into a whole new tree”. Thus, to align the tree paradigm at a particular sphere, seeds integrity along the systematic system is very important. Translating into industrial notion, it can be stated as “To align the virtual analytical side of business, firstly incorporate the culture of data collection along the continual improvement seeds in a system”.


A major hype, in operation excellence, in current era is entitled as LEAN Six Sigma. I am not going to dive into the typical definitions of subjected notion but gonna illustrate it with the help of TURNING WHEEL of next Industrial revolution.

“A Company producing a best quality product in least cost, within minimum time will eventually become a market leader”

Yes, this is it. This is an utmost secret of achieving excellence in an industrial market by tapping the market with the maximum potential. I have consulted companies, who look forward to increase the production capacity to increase their profit bottom-line rather than creating culture of waste reduction from the current system, resulting in the funneling of same profit line. To achieve greatness, we must sacrifice the traditional approach of reluctance to change.

LEAN Six Sigma is not a rocket science but a generic concepts build by the quality gurus and have shaped TQM to an ultra-new level. Apart from bookish concepts and knowledge, it completely spreads over the daily process check to BOD’s balanced scorecard analysis. It is evident from the history that companies practicing theses notions have saved billions of dollars up to the date.

Indeed, it would not be unwise to say that, taking into an account current technological changes we must equip yourself with the tools & techniques, which have been successfully implemented by global giants. Customers demand integration with flexible sophisticated production system is surely going to give company an edge over a traditional or conventional approach of filling both outputs & input inventory without any proper scheduling.

Promote Your Company on a Custom Sticker

There are many ways you can promote your company and what you have to offer to your customers. You can choose vinyl sticker printing to promote a product or service that you want people to know about.  If you are limited on the amount you can spend on advertising and marketing materials, then you should consider creating your own stickers and brochures instead of hiring a print company to do it for you. You can design your own stickers and other advertising materials quickly and easily when you head over to Blue Bee Printing. They are affordable, reputable, and have quantities that will fit within your price range so you won’t go over budget.

Custom Sticker

Create Stickers for a Sales Promotion

If you are getting your company ready for a large sales promotion and want a way for new and existing customers to remember what you have to offer, then you should consider creating custom stickers and then hand them out at the promotion. Everyone likes to receive free stuff and they are more likely to keep a sticker that is attractive, unique in design, and durable. You don’t want to hand out a cheap, thin paper sticker that will rip the instant a customer places it on their clothes or other belongings. You can create vinyl print materials that will stick virtually anywhere. You can create bumper stickers that are eye-catching and that people will want to put it on their vehicles. This is an excellent way to get others to promote what you have to offer. Plus, it’s virtually free advertising! All you have to do is create and purchase the sticker and then the customer does the rest for you.

Quick Shipping

Unlike local print and design shops where it can take weeks for you to receive the final product, you don’t have to wait any longer when you create and buy your new marketing materials online. You can buy oval, square, and round stickers that have your logo and then you can get them shipped to you for next day delivery. You no longer have to wait for the print shop to design your square stickers for you when you can do it yourself. You will be able to choose the amount you want to purchase and then all you need to do is upload your design and fit it within the sticker’s parameters and you’re all set to go.

How To Write A Business Plan

The business plan is not only important to start a business or for fund-raising, but critical to running a business. This will help you stay on a specific course or alert you to a situation when the object is not to force you to plan and take action.


The following may help you decide what to go, and provide a structure for your plan:

  1. What is the nature of your business?
  2. What is the market?
  3. Line of business potential
  4. Management Team
  5. Profit forecast figure
  6. How much money is needed?
  7. What are the prospects for the investor / lender?


However, you can have a different purpose for writing your plan to find out what needed to be in. If you are developing a plan for your reference only and not for outsiders, and then, for example, information should include the basics of business.

“Ma-clear to your audience. Description of the management team is very important for investors, while financial history is most important for banks, “says Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto, which makes business planning software.



The business plan should be a persuasive tool, especially if used to raise external funding. You need to convince anyone that reads your plan to continue turning the pages.

Focusing on what is interesting about their business prospects as a potential source of revenue and customer base, and again this exact numbers and scrutiny. Remember that investors and banks are inundated with business plans, and you will have the chance to read if it stands – but do not fall into the trap of making a real image or statement. His plans and figures should balance between optimism and realism.

Business plans can easily damage so that the assumption that each of them must be justified, not once, but again and again. It is a good idea to ask a friend to separate, to ensure that you are prepared with facts and figures to support his claim.

According to Berry, with specific details to give credibility to the company, and shows how committed they are.

“The plan is uncertain, as it. Include milestones to be achieved, the date on which it occurred, and successful marketing activities. The implementation details are very important, “advises Berry.

Presentation is also key – should be written your plan carefully presented and easy to read. The computer program will help you create and experiment with different versions forecasting.


The more money you need to raise, the financial details were to enter a period of greater and include, for example, cash flow forecasts, projections and estimates could benefit balance.

According to Berry, the standard business plan will include forecasts for the next three years, with monthly financial details for a year.

“A common mistake that people make is to try to make a monthly information that lasted four years, which may lead to less and less, because you can never be sure what will happen next four years, “said Berry.

It is a good idea to have an estimate of what might happen if things do not go to the ground, as it shows that you thought about the downside. But the use of the size of the rating, and do not want to be too pessimistic plan. Much of this depends on the nature of your business and on stage. If it is a new business, much of it is based on what you think might happen, with an established business, hold the record for reference.


A perfect format to write your business plan, if you are using, is between three and ten pages of text is from the important points, and a series of financial figures. Should confine the excessive use of detail in marriage.

How to Choose an Internet Marketing Company

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of every industrial and commercial endeavor. Through extensive marketing campaign, businesspersons, corporations and organizations gain popularity in the public sphere. Marketing campaign can be carried out by using various media and instruments. Recently, internet becomes the most preferred means to carry out marketing campaign. Internet is extensively exploited in every marketing endeavor simply because it effectively connects most people living in different parts of the world. Because internet marketing becomes very popular nowadays, internet marketing companies can now be found everywhere. Those companies use any strategies that they have and develop new innovative strategies to help their clients improve their popularity among their customers and audiences.

Internet Marketing Company

An internet marketing company helps its clients achieve their marketing success through various ways, but the most extensively endeavored one is the improvement of the search engine optimization rank of their online media, such as websites and online social media, that they are using to market and to advertise their business and the products or services that it sells or provides. Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered a crucial aspect of a marketing campaign because search engine is the one of the most frequently used gateway through which internet users access various types of information on the internet. Search engine optimization of a website is thus intended to draw the attention of most search engine users to that website.

There are several factors that clients should take into consideration when they want to choose a reliable internet marketing and advertising company. The first is the achievements that the company has made. At several occasions, awards are given to advertising companies all around the world. By scrutinizing the awards that a company has achieved, clients can decide whether that company is a reputable one. Besides that, they can also figure out how much the income that a company makes in one year. The higher its yearly income is, the more reputable it is.

Discover How To Maximize Your Investment

In this article I want to highlight a few newspaper articles that are closely related and affect the amount of money you can save and we get back the savings. The first news item concerns over inflation. Office for National Statistics (ONS) last month announced figures showing that inflation in the consumer price index rose 5.2% in September.

CPI is a basket of goods and services (such as food and utilities) that affect our household expenses. Final index was the highest year on year increase since the index was first measured in 1997.

Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is built slightly different basket of consumer goods, including city taxes and mortgage payments, as expected, was higher by 5.6% – the highest in over 20 years (June 1991).

Behind commented on the figure indicates that the overall inflation persuade the rising cost of transportation, housing and household goods, and food, which together accounted for more than half of all the inflation.

The second news is that despite inflationary pressures above expectations, as the UK economy is expected to slow growth and the impact of the Eurozone crisis continues to play out, the British bank’s Monetary Policy Committee supports economic stimulation (which is why we see the Bank injected a total of 75 billion pounds of quantitative easing in the economy) rather than raising interest rates to combat inflation. This means that the savings rate is likely to increase in the near future.

Now some “good” news. It will be a number of factors behind the rise in inflation – higher taxes, energy bills and food – to work their way equation for next year – the main expectation among commentators that inflation will begin to fall. When the effects of the VAT increase at a rate of 20% this year to leave the system should reduce inflation – even though we know nothing in the economic uncertainty and the many reasons why this view may be wrong.

The second good news is that of the rise in inflation. How is this good news? Just because as a result of the increase in CPI to 5.2%, the amount of money they can invest in a pack increase for FY 2012-2013. The limit is indexed to inflation for the first time in 2010. First RPI and from 2012 the limit will be increased according to the CPI, which is usually, but not always, under the RPI.

However, when inflation surged in September, the month Treasury managed to secure the ISA limit for the fiscal year 2015-2016 annual ISA allowance will increase from £ 600 to £ 10,680 up to £ 11,280.

This means that investors coming year is to put the whole £ 11,280 into stocks and shares ISA, or £ 5.640, half full cash ISA limit and a half in stocks and shares.

To make it easier for investors, the Treasury Department estimates the figure close to £ 12 section 120 is easy to help with the monthly savings plan – what to save £ 940 per month tax-efficient.

While it is useful to save and invest more in a tax efficient wrapper, as mentioned earlier, while inflation is eating purchasing power saver. While interest rates remain low saver hamper the ability to get above the rate of inflation unless they take a risk with your money. For example, only the amount of their capital to survive in real terms, the basic rate tax payers get more than 6.5% compared to the previous year, and of course, there is very little to pay deposits or close to half the value.

One way or another, in the current climate, which can suppress inflation means investment alternative investments as the market share. There is some risk involved in the stock market (or equity) investment, but careful planning and investment in a number of different fields and transport investment – that is what is recommended Lowes – can help reduce the negative impact of individual risks that may occur.

The most commonly used include active management of equity investment funds, where the fund manager aims to outperform the market by careful selection of stocks and shares, passive or tracker funds, where the funds have been in the company and look at the performance of the benchmark index, bond funds corporations investing in corporate debt and funds that invest in government bonds. Equity funds and debt funds are expected to behave in different ways in different market conditions, which may help to spread the risk in an investment portfolio.

Another way to spread risk is to use a different investment vehicle. One of the vehicles that will use structured products Lowes. In short it is an investment contract held by a certain time to tell you what you get back is based on the performance of the stock market when the contract expires. For example, the product can yield 55% after five years, provided that the FTSE 100 is at the same level or higher than the starting time of the investment. This would amount to an annual compound return of over 9% per year – well above the current inflation rate.

There are risks associated with this product – if the FTSE ended a five-year, 50% or more or signing contracts bankrupt banks making losses. However, there are many variations on this and there are several products available that can protect your capital from any decline in the stock market, but lower profits as a result of this protection.

We use a portfolio of structured investment products for our clients to diversify the types of investments and vehicles, and others will provide a balanced portfolio.

Most structured products can be incorporated into or used in accordance with ISA capital gain tax (CGT) that rule. This means that you can use the same (currently) £ 10,680 tax relief and CGT allowance of £ 10,600 Isa.

All You Need is Safe Investments

Safety is one of our basic needs – both in life and business. This is why you should care about the safety of your money when you manage your savings by investing them into financial instruments. If you are new to the investment market, you must start with safe transactions. Of course, you will never find 100% safe online money making strategy, but you can minimize existing risks as much as possible. On the financial market, the level of risk normally depends on marketplace you choose for trading. It must be reliable and well-known, be official and legitimate. We can provide you with an excellent example of such service: Pure Income. This is a virtual stock exchange which works without a stop. This marketplace is constant in its activities and open for everybody. Pure Income is officially registered, with legal office located in Belize. This project isn’t a high yield investment program that involves tremendous risks able to rob of all your money – this company has opposite principles, being rather a very safe virtual marketplace helping its members to thrive.

This advantage is due to fact that Pure Income trades its own securities on the inner market, which means that it can control what happens there. It also offers you an opportunity to invest in shares of partnering companies. The rest is like everywhere: the profit of both the company and its investors is gained from the difference between bids and ask prices. When people put money in Pure Income bonds or shares they virtually receive a tool to get constant profit, since shares grow in price every single day, which brings dividends. Thus, the market ensures both safe investments and quick return. Normally, the investors can receive their money back soon, but if you want to maximize your income, you should hold the shares or bonds for a while to catch a moment when their price grows enough.

 Pure Income trades

The conclusion to be made is that Pure Income is a wonderful marketplace for those who don’t want to run risk of losing money for high profits but rather prefer to receive stable regular income. In the meanwhile, any financial expert would agree that the best strategy is to divide your assets between several stock types. For example, bonds can bring you regular monthly dividends, while shares grow in price very fast and wait until you release them. Aside from these two instruments, there’s one more method of how to make money online, which will satisfy people ready to take some risk. You can purchase the shares of the partnering companies, which are unlimited in quantity and can get you maximum profit. The basic rule of the market applies: potential profit is high, and so is potential risk. This is why pure income suggests you to use various tool to secure your online investments.

Although Pure Income was only launched in 2012, it is a very promising platform that has been created by financiers with two decades of history behind them. Now you can reap the benefit of their work by investing as little as $10 for a start. Other ways to make extra money on Pure Income include its Affiliate Program of luring new clients to the company which will result in 5% to 10% commission.