10 Qualities Of An Effective Business Logo

The purpose of a business logo is to create a strong connection to the brand in people’s minds. Over time, consistent use of one’s business logo in Ads, business correspondence, mailers, and campaigns help cement brand retention. All this, of course, is possible only if the logo design is that memorable.

Qualities Of An Effective Business Logo

Make It Simple And Yet Memorable

Streamline till you achieve simplicity; avoid distractions like LLC, Inc., taglines and so on. You want a logo that people can easily describe, remember for a long time, and also describe it to others. So make it unique, distinct and memorable.

Make Sure It Is Distinctive

You don’t want your logo to look just anyone else’s in your industry, or for that matter, any other industry. The objective here is to stand out and to make sure your customers don’t confuse you with another company.

Make Sure It Is Scalable

Cut your logo down to size and see how it looks. Change the colors to black and white and then see how it looks. When your logo is re-sized, it should not lose any of its clarity, form or expressive imagery. Use vectors while creating it, so ensure maximum scalability.

Keep It Versatile

Aim for a design that you can use in any medium – banners, letterheads, business cards, on the web and so on. A logo that looks good only on certain mediums won’t serve your brand very well.

Keep It Industry-Appropriate

Ask yourself if your logo communicates what your company stands for. Compare your logo alongside the logos of top businesses in your industry. The objective here is to ensure that your logo represents your business, products, and your brand message.

Make it Targeted

Your logo needs to appeal to your target market, so spend some time understanding your audience. For example, if you’re targeting the youth market, your logo must somehow come across as enthusiastic, youthful and spirited.

Aim For Longevity

You cannot change your logo every third day. So hire professional logo designers and aim for longevity; you want your brand identity to live long. Ask yourself if your logo will still be relevant several years from now, or if it will withstand massive changes in the industry.

Watch The Colors

People associate colors with different emotions or elements. Red comes across as assertive and somewhat aggressive, so go for it. An all-black logo can be depressing. Green makes you look environmentally-conscious and so on.

Use The Right Font

Choose your font based on what you represent. For example, cute, curvy fonts are fine for a fashion company or a jewelry brand. Harsh and clunky fonts are fine for a business that sells race cars. The font delivers what you represent and how you want your business to be perceived.

Make Sure It is Original

Pepsi has managed to make its mark in the soft drinks industry while competing with a giant like Coca-Cola. That says a lot about creative marketing in a heavily competitive market. Avoid clip art and stock photos, and create a design that does not look anything like what’s out there.


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